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Africa By Trains Blog space is a journal, information and personal opinions about exploring Africa through the window seat – Stories and Experiences of Africa Train Journeys.
Through Africa Train Travels, I offer you expert knowledge and advice on traveling by trains across the entire African Continent.
Traveling by Trains is one of the most amazing things to do in Africa. It gives you a chance to Experience The Beautiful Contifromnt in a Different Perspective. It is a chance to reflect, to connect, and to seek clarity. Let’s go on a journey from Ras ben Sakka (Ra’s al Abyad) (Cape Blanc), Tunisia to Cape Agulhas, South Africa. From Pointe des Almadies, Cap Vert Peninsula, Ngor, Dakar, Senegal to Ras Hafun (Raas Xaafuun), Somalia.
Now that you are here, get engaged in this page that lets you know how you can travel to all African countries by trains. Learn about the Trains Travel in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Djibouti, South Africa, Ethiopia, and the rest of Africa.
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If you have used trains in any part of Africa, feel free to share your experiences with me and other readers by submitting your article or pictures to kenyanbackpacker@gmail.com or tagging your Instagram and Facebook pictures using #AfricaTrainJourneys and #AfricabyTrains.
Let’s explore Africa together through the Window Seat!