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SGR Madaraka Express Booking, Schedule & Fare: Updated

Madaraka Express - Updated SGR Madaraka Express Booking, Schedule, Stations & Fare

What is Madaraka Express?

Madaraka express is the passenger train service between Nairobi and Mombasa cities. The two are Kenya’s biggest cities. The train service started operation in May 2017 as a project between the Kenyan government and China.

Madaraka Express Train Timetable (Schedule)

There are two express trains between Mombasa and Nairobi (E1 and E2). Both trains operate in the afternoon.

Train 1 (E1): Mombasa to Nairobi afternoon train

Depart Mombasa: 15:15 pm

Arrive in Nairobi: 20:14 pm

Train 2 (E2): Nairobi to Mombasa afternoon train 

Depart Nairobi: 14:35 pm

Arrive in Mombasa: 19:18 pm

Fare charges for Madaraka Express

SGR Madaraka Express Booking, Schedule & Fare: Updated
Economy Class Seats

The train has two classes; first class and economy class. There is no much difference between the two classes!

Economy class: Kshs 1,000 ($11)

First class: Kshs 3,000 ($31)

Children between 3 and 11 years pay half the price and the train is free for the ones below 3 years.

Everyone above 11 years pays the full price.

How to Book SGR Madaraka Express Train Without Mpesa

Ticket cancelation and Refund policy

If for some reason you cannot make for the trip, 80% of your ticket price is refunded. This is only applicable if you claim the money at the station before the train departs. Carry your original ID or Passport with you.

Can I change the travel date once I have booked?

If you make a mistake while booking or change your travel dates, you can head to the nearby station and request the attendants to change your travel date. This will only be possible if there are available seats on your new travel dates. If not you can ask for a refund.

Location of Madaraka Express Train Stations

Here is the Google maps location for SGR Nairobi terminus and SGR Mombasa Terminus.

SGR Nairobi Terminus – Syokimau Station

SGR Mombasa Terminus – Miritini Station

How to book SGR Madaraka Express Trains

SGR Madaraka Express Booking, Schedule & Fare: Updated
First Class Seats

There are three ways on how to book Madaraka express train. You will need to have your ID/Passport ready and money in your Mpesa account (Safaricom)if you opt for method 2 and 3.

SGR booking method 1: Buying the tickets at the nearby SGR train station. Remember to carry your ID or passport.

SGR booking Method 2: Online booking! You can buy a maximum of 5 tickets at a time through the Kenya railways website.

Madaraka Express Booking method 3: From your smartphone (Using Safaricom sim card) dial *639# and follow the prompts. Once you pay, you will get an account number. You will use that account number together with your mobile phone number to print copies of your tickets at the station.

Contacts for Kenya Railways

There have been complaints that the provided Kenya railways contacts don’t go through. Try your luck through the following contacts.

Tel: +254 (0) 709907000

Mobile: 0708572574, 0728603581, 0728603582


Luggage allowance

 The luggage requirements by SGR (Kenya Railways) are 1.6 cubic meters and 30 Kg in weight.

How to get to the SGR Nairobi Terminus – Syokimau Station

There are a number of ways to get to Nairobi terminus which include, taking a taxi ride, taking a bus from railways bus stop or by using the SGR Link commuter railways train.

The commuter train leaves the city railway station at exactly 1300 hrs (1:30 pm) and arrives at the SGR Nairobi terminus around 1337hrs (1:37 pm).

How to get to the SGR Mombasa Terminus – Miritini Station

 From Mombasa town, you can either take a taxi or a Matatu from the Old Railways Station. The charges are KES 200.

How long it takes from Nairobi to Mombasa in Madaraka Express Train

 The express train from Nairobi to Mombasa or Mombasa to Nairobi takes About 5 hours

Madaraka Express online booking

To book the train online, go to Kenya Railways website. Once you book you will be issued with an ETicket. Use the Account number and your mobile number to print tickets at the station on or before the day of travel.

Can I make ticket reservations?

No. at the moment you can only purchase the tickets in advance. The booking window is about 30 days for individual tickets (5 or less) and 32 for groups (20 and above).

If you have a question, contact or leave a comment below and I will try and help you.

How to Book SGR Madaraka Express Train Without Mpesa

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